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If you’re struggling to get approved through conventional finance, AutoWallet can help you. Our rent to own vehicle finance is perfect for those who do not have a credit history or prefer renting to buying. We at AutoWallet, simplify the rent to buy process for you with the added benefit of lower monthly payments, excellent after-sales services and added benefits such as short-term insurance, tracker and roadside assistance due to our partnership with trustworthy rent-to-own vehicle companies.

What is Long-Term Rental?

A long-term car rental contract is a popular option for someone who sells or trades in a car well before their contract ends as you do not need to pay off a vehicle or pay the added costs that come with car ownership and you can choose to upgrade or downgrade your car. In essence, you are only paying for the depreciation of the vehicle while you use it. Once your lease is over you can choose to buy the car or return it.

Why sign a Long-Term Rental Contract?

Long-Term Rental contracts are an affordable way to drive the car you want without having to pay it off. The fixed monthly instalments are determined by the kilometres you expect to travel each month. What’s more, leasing a may include comprehensive insurance, a service plan, vehicle-tracking and roadside assistance so you can save and live your life to the fullest.

What are the risks?

Failure to make regular monthly payments as per your Lease Agreement is one of the biggest disadvantages. The second is that you will be charged for anything that decreases the resale value of the car. This means you can’t customise it, miss a service or incur excessive mileage. We at AutoWallet guide you through the entire rental process in order to avoid pitfalls as well as ensure you receive the best deal at a prime interest rate.

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